About Us

"ITK is a leading IT company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the implementation of projects and networks. It is an authorized distributor for many companies in the field of information technology and security systems and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of advanced information centers and networks in the region, Important. It was one of the reasons for our success to select the technical, engineering and administrative staff to ensure the continuation of success, excellence and progress in the technical field, which enabled the company to keep abreast of modern technologies and adopt them and excellence in operation, maintenance and implementation with high quality, and became a hub of attraction and competition in the region. A number of technical and development projects to improve the level of services and electronic projects and contributed to many activities and exhibitions and service, advisory and social services, which received the confidence of officials and investors and investment companies We have gained experience and prestige in the region. The company has developed excellent relationships with most companies throughout the Kingdom with its credibility and commitment to provide the best of its service. It has become one of the best institutions capable of providing professional solutions to achieve the best results. International companies such as Cisco, Peplink, HUAWI, MICROSOFT and KASPERSKY. In the technical field, licenses are issued at the Kingdom level by the Ministry of Interior for security gates, metal detectors, explosive detection devices and fire alarms.