CCTV systems

CCTV systems:


 The field of protection systems and surveillance techniques by the cameras of the most prevalent its important role in the control and protection of facilities, whether public or even private enterprises, and companies that operate in this area are best used cutting-edge technology in the field of control and protection, to achieve this purpose these cameras doing live imaging for the entrances and exits of the facilities so that the facility owner or those who made it monitored well, as can those cameras within the service and administrative facilities and factories put up homes to observe the staff and workers to follow up all cases of neglect and hold negligent or to monitor abuses and cases of theft that may talked to provide evidence of her conviction, and finally of the most important applications of these cameras in the field of protection is to secure all facilities against disasters and fires to avoid their occurrence or intervention to mitigate their effects before they fester and damage the whole place


Types of CCTV cameras (species provided by IT Knowledge company):                                      

Technical specifications for CCTV cameras :              

          may a lot of people have misunderstand between TV camera and CCTV camera , but the different its entirely big , so that fall under security surveillance systems, which aim to achieve security and control elements and protection, so the surveillance camera system itself is only one type among the types of security surveillance systems, which also include intercom devices , audio, visual, and wireless) )



• IT KNOWLEDGE company that owns so many types of cameras in terms of shape, size and use of the mismatch large-scale use in the television or medium and small channels 10 × 12 cm is characterized by feature remote sensing, indoor and outdoor cameras, fixed or mobile attached to the bishop , cameras that are given the highest accuracy and clarity in picture and sound, wired cameras and wireless, various shapes and dimensions cameras (rectangular, for example), the types of private homes for the convenience of mothers and monitor the maids at work and dealing with children, all of which are not affected by dust and water .



·       those cameras with the highest global technology and technical rates as a property of night vision via infrared applications, zoom feature and miniaturization and the possibility agitated by your requests to , screens high-tech display devices documentaries (DVR) and property surveillance remotely through the Internet, the possibility of the delivery of all the cameras together Using precise connect a device characteristic (VR), follow the event on the difference in length mismatch medium or long term, according to the desire, then you are recording inside for long periods of up to several months, property, and can dump the content and view it remotely over the Internet after delivery based on modern programming systems computer too.



       cameras rely on rechargeable battery that easily and continue to work throughout the 15-hour-so given image quality and purity of a very high voice.




·       the best of the company's surveillance cameras relevant to the protection of all kinds of auto theft systems in addition to the availability of technicians to provide any advice on the right type and composition.



·       Price in average suitable for everyone, but it gradually rises up techniques that are characterized by each camera type separately, for example, the IP camera  which is characterized by a very high-tech, making it one of the best types of surveillance cameras at all despite the ease of installation and use, but the price tag high comparatively.




All of these species and more are available to you through the IT KNOWLEDGE Company with different types of techniques , and the prices very attractive, it is looking for the best for the protection and the security of his family and his home, his business, administrative and commercial all you have to do its Contacting with IT KNOWLEDGE Company


·       If you do not learn much about the surveillance system and types of cameras and intended uses and methods of work, installation and information and guidance their own and then the right choice for you and your site will not find a better communicate with IT Knowledge company.

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