Web Design

Design in our company (IT Knowledge) is one of the main criteria for the establishment of websites as long as it is  the first impression and the first and main relationship between site visitors (beneficiaries) and services of the site, whether commercial, sports, news, etc.

Our design concept depends not only on the good form factor of the site, but also on the fact that the design of the site can be easily understood and navigate between pages by the user with flexibility and smoothness, as well as to achieve the user's satisfaction and ease of use.

Based on the above mentioned, our company ensures you access to the highest levels of satisfaction of the beneficiaries and provide valuable sites, services and quality of the world to be careful to produce sites with the following design specifications:

1. Build a wonderful, flexible, modern site in accordance with the best specifications and international technical standards.
2. Create a design that is compatible with search engines and all web browsers.
3. Ensure that the pages of the site are designed in a homogeneous manner, where the user can distinguish the pages of this site from the pages of other sites.
4. Demonstrate the content using simple designs, simplicity, convenience, small size, and consistency.
5. High speed navigation and navigation among all pages of the site.
6. Website accessibility Easily browse, access to information, by placing browsing links in a clear and easily accessible location.
7. Responding display in the sense of ease and quality of the site display, which will facilitate the customer to browse from any electronic device (screens of computers in different sizes and modern phones and devices).
8. Utilizing modern technologies and features such as adding aesthetic and effective mobile touches to users.
9. Design ensures easy access to the concept in front of the public access to important concepts with ease and ease.
10. Display the location information according to its priorities, as if you are laying out a broad outline.
11. Create a navigation path in a simple, clear way based on site maps consisting of layers or levels of organization thinking in a broad outline.
12. Support the design forms or overlapping images where the development of the site starts with the work of text and structure suitable for him and the included images and forms of ensuring access to site information to the beneficiaries with ease and ease.
13. Choose suitable colors that correspond to contrast and clarity smoothly.
14. Standardize the form and size of text characters permanently and continuously.
15. Choose a safe color palette for visitor use. In order to be stable.
16. Avoid making changes to colors.
17. Avoid using slashes and make changes to colors.
18. Avoid placing a line under words that can be confused with links.
19. Avoid verbose text more than necessary.
20. Avoid using networked backgrounds, as this is difficult to read.