Under Vehicle Inspection

      Under vehicle Inspection & explosive detector :

Under Vehicle Surveillance System mobile type UV300-M


·        Low cam VL108 have four motion-sensitive cameras begin the inspection process automatically, providing a comprehensive quad view of all undercarriage components. The low-profile design requires minimum excavation and installs flush to the road surface for unimpeded traffic and street maintenance, On-screen quad views provide overlapping images, Long-lasting, bright white LED lighting .




1、using black and white (color for option) Array CCD scanning technology Dynamic imaging;

2、Scanning Image resolution: ≥ 2048

3、Store or load time: <1 second;

4、Vehicle image display mode: large format transverse;

5、System interface language: English (can be customized);

6、Display resolution: adapt to a variety of display resolution;

7、Vehicle image data transfer interface: NetworkRJ45

8、Scene image display: ≥1 channel

9、Dedicated image processing functions

10、License plate recognition (need customer provide the SDK LPR software of the exported country, we can integrate it to the UVSS without extra cost )


1、Display: 22 inch LCD Screen

2、CPU: INTEL Quad-Core Processor

3、Motherboard : dedicated motherboard

4、Memory : DDR3 , more than 2GB

5、Hard disk : 500G high-speed hard disk

6、Working voltage : AC220V 50/60Hz

7、Data transmission cable length : 10m (standard)


Vehicle image system, control equipment and environmental adaptability:

1、Scan mode: automatic , non- external trigger scanning;

2、The maximum scan rate:18kHz;

3、Vehicle speed:≤30km/h;Loading weight: 30 Tons

4、View angle:180 degrees

5、Scanner connecting cable: 10 meters (can be customized more than 10m)

6、Lighting components : Two single sealed LED surface light source ; Life : 50,000h

7、Under Vehicle image scanner with a unique open-wide field scan design;

8、Working voltage: DC24V

9、Power Supply:AC220V/50-60Hz

10、Structure design:single sealed design;

11、Environment temperature: -20 degrees - +55 degrees

12、Appearance: Aluminum copper alloy composite material