Parking System Controller


Automatic Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System Controller


Parking Guidance Controller

As the core of PGS system, Parking Guidance Controller analyses data, feedbacks the information to Management Software database, and releases information to be shown on LED displays.


Main Features

1. The latest 32bits ARM chip and embedded operating system are used

2. Integrated processor with two loop detector, work just need to connect to loop

3. Distinguish drive direction automatically

4. Distinguish continuous vehicle automatically

5. Right some wrongs automatically

6. Calculate available lots automatically

7. GPRS-DTU module can be connected, which can upload data into city park guidance system


Technical Parameter

Power Supply: AC 220V/100mA

Operating Temperature: -20 °C  ~ +70 °C

Applicable Speed: 5~80 kilometer/hour

Light interface: 220V AC solid-state relay

Sensitivity: 0-9 grades(adjustable)

Max Vehicle Existential Time:3-255s (adjustable)

Visual range of Wireless network: 500M

CAN bus network range: 3Km (20Kbps)

Red Light Max Passing time: 3-255s (adjustable)