Attendance and departure

 (Access control systems)

May occur in some cases, lack of commitment to the system and the rules governing it any facility or a government department or a company or other, and so by their employees and for several reasons, both with regard to the existence of some deficiency in the control system within the facility or the existence of negligence, default or lack of conscience sometimes by some of the staff and workers, or both at other times, with increasing neglect and lack of control is increasing anarchy and failure to follow the rules and laws by the workers, it is inevitable that there is a practical and rapid solution to end this chaos and anarchy in the government or private interests and adjusts the personnel and the conditions of workers in terms of attendance and absenteeism and the expense of working hours, especially in the presence of modern technology in the contemporary world.


Businesses use Fingerprint access control and time attendance system for keeping their offices secure as this system is more secured than conventional swipe card or ID cards based access control system.

Fingerprint Security Systems have been used as a method of personal identification since ancient times. This is a simple process that accepts or rejects the claimed identity by matching a live template with an existing one. Fingerprint identification system is widely used in public service applications.


Benefits of Fingerprint Device:

There are various benefits of using a fingerprint device. Some are stated below:

It requires low maintenance cost

It saves time of the individual. This electronic procedure completes in seconds therefore prevents the formation of long queues and wastage of unnecessary time.

Users get fastest and easiest security using this device.

No other software is required other than original fingerprint device, This device ensures privacy more than traditional security methods of PIN codes or swipe cards.

This is a portable and affordable device that can be placed anywhere, Comprising of these advantages, biometric devices of fingerprint in Malaysia or elsewhere has proved to be very beneficial for controlling access in various organizations. Fingerprint time attendance system is commonly used for noting the arrival as well as the departure time of employees.


Fingerprint and Card Door Access:

Fingerprint and card door access systems are the latest security systems that require no conventional keys or passwords, thus, making them easier to use without any chance of losing keys or forgotten passwords.

This system requires fingerprints to unlock a door. Basically, the system consists of scanners and a database having fingerprints of authorized people that requires just a press or swipe of finger across the screen for verification and getting access if you are authorized.


Major companies and homeowners who are interested in protecting their valuables use this system.