Web Programming

Our company (IT Knowledge) has experience and creativity in the field of web applications, creating professional websites, and interactive sites. So we can help you in the better way to connect with your customers and fans with our brand of software solutions

The concept of programming and developing websites does not depend on the repetition of the old traditional standards but depends on innovation and follow the international standards and innovative technical concepts and effective and positive


Based on what was mentioned, our company ensures you access to the highest levels of satisfaction of the beneficiaries and provide valuable sites and services and the quality of the world to be careful to produce sites with the following programming specifications:

1. Build a wonderful, flexible, modern site in accordance with the best specifications and international technical standards.
2. Multilingualism - at least two languages ​​- Arabic and English
3. High speed navigation and navigation between all pages of the site
4. Dynamic menu allowing the customer to control the menu items in terms of addition, modification and deletion with ease
5. Unlimited dynamic pages: You can add multiple static pages in a dynamic way, such as who we are, our services, and more.
6. Articles and news: The site's programming system allows the addition of news and articles in a smart, sophisticated and periodic manner.
7. Advanced search system: Advanced search system allows visitors to search what they want within the site.
8. Ability to make the site interconnected with search engines such as Google and Yahoo
9. Unlimited Multiple Sections: You can add all the sections you want and sub-sections unlimited
10. Contact Us: A system that will be done with AJAX and Java Script for quick connection to the site management
11. Video and Photos Gallery: Images and videos will be added through the site's add-ons.
12. Social participation: The system of social participation allows users to share the contents of the site on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other sites of participation.
13. Ad spaces: Add places for ads for the site to be used commercially or used by linking to ad sites such as Google ads
14. Latest news bar: The latest news bar can be used to view the latest additions to the site.
15. The site will be closely linked to the means of social communication
16. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, create social pages for marketing use to reach customers more
17. The faster.
18. Provide protection for information and pages where no one can penetrate
19. Provide testing mechanisms and quality control before receiving the site and ensure that all sections and pages of the site operate efficiently and high quality without any errors
20. Provide an integrated technical support system and error handling through our professional team